Precision: Modern chassis design ensures safe handling

Chevrolet Aveo / Overview / Precision: Modern chassis design ensures safe handling

The modern chassis design of the Chevrolet sedan with McPherson struts at the front and a torsion-beam suspension at the rear is a guarantee of high travel comfort and active safety. This is added to by the wide stance of the Aveo with a front track of 1,450 mm and rear track of 1,430 mm, both among the best of class. The steering gear is mounted on the front suspension cross-member, which eliminates harshness and provides more precise and stable handling. The standard variable rack-and-pinion power steering gives the front-wheel drive sedan outstanding maneuverability. Apart from that, this technical solution provides the driver with accurate steering control in all situations and also, like the standard four-channel ABS, contributes to active safety.


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