Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Hood Hinge


When a hood hold open device is being removed or installed, provide alternate support to avoid possibility of damage to vehicle or personal injury.
1. Open hood.
2. Place a suitable support between hood and air inlet grille panel.
3. Mark position of hood hinge using a grease pencil,.
4. Remove front fender as outlined in Front Fender.
5. Remove hinge bolts and hinge, Fig. 1.


1. Position hood hinge to alignment marks on vehicle, Fig. 1.
2. Install hood hinge to body bolts. Torque to 89 inch lbs.
3. Install front fender as outlined in Front Fender.
4. Remove hood to air inlet grille panel support.
5. Slowly lower hood.
6. Inspect hood alignment, and align hood as outlined in Hood.
7. Torque hinge to hood bolts to 89 inch lbs.
8. Close hood.

Fig. 1 Hood hinge bolts

    Removal 1. Open and support hood. 2. Install a protective covering over fenders. 3. Remove hood insulator, ...

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