Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual: Service and Appearance Care

Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual / Service and Appearance Care

Towing a Trailer (Manual Transmission)
Do not tow a trailer if the vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission. ...

For service and parts needs, visit your dealer/retailer. You will receive genuine GM parts and GM-trained and supported service people. Genuine GM parts have one of these marks: ...

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Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual. Passkey Module
On models equipped with the Passkey Theft Deterrent System, a new password must be learned by the PCM when the BCM/PCM has been replaced. When the PCM is replaced, the EEPROM calibration is flashed into the new PCM. Refer to latest GM Techline or equivalent information for PCM ...

Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual

Chevrolet Cobalt Service Manual

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