Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual: Winter Tires

If the vehicle has 225/40R18 size tires, they are classified as performance tires. These tires are designed for very responsive driving on wet or dry pavement. If you expect to drive on snow or ice covered roads often, you may want to get winter tires for the vehicle. All season tires provide good overall performance on most surfaces but they may not offer the traction you would like or the same level of performance as winter tires on snow or ice covered roads.

Winter tires, in general, are designed for increased traction on snow and ice covered roads. With winter tires, there may be decreased dry road traction, increased road noise, and shorter tread life. After switching to winter tires, be alert for changes in vehicle handling and braking.

See your dealer/retailer for details regarding winter tire availability and proper tire selection. Also, see Buying New Tires.

If you choose to use winter tires: - Use tires of the same brand and tread type on all four wheel positions.

- Use only radial ply tires of the same size, load range, and speed rating as the original equipment tires.

Winter tires with the same speed rating as your original equipment tires may not be available for H, V, W, Y, and ZR speed rated tires. If you choose winter tires with a lower speed rating, never exceed the tire's maximum speed capability.

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