Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Lube, Oil & Filter, Replace

Caution: Prolonged and repeated contact with engine oil and grease will result in removal of natural oils from skin, leading to dryness, irritation and dermatitis. In addition, used engine oil and grease contains potentially harmful contaminants which may cause skin cancer. Precautions should be taken when replacing lubricants to minimize risk of your skin making contact. Protective clothing and gloves that cannot be penetrated by oil should be worn. The skin should be washed with soap and water or waterless hand cleaner to remove any used engine oil thoroughly. Do not use gasoline, thinners, or solvents.
In order to preserve the environment, used oil and used oil filters must be disposed of at designated disposal sites in accordance with EPA and local regulations.
Many components on a vehicle require no periodic maintenance. Some components are sealed and permanently lubricated. Rubber bushings can deteriorate or limit damping ability if lubricated.
Use correct grease for component lubrication. Lubricating grease is rated for quality and usage by the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI). All approved products have the NLGI symbol on label. At bottom of NLGI symbol is usage and quality identification letters. Chassis lubricant is identified by the letter "L." The letter following usage letter indicates quality of lubricant. The highest quality symbols are illustrated in Fig. 1.
1. Raise and support vehicle with a suitable lift.
2. Inspect suspension, U-joints and chassis components for grease fitting locations.
3. Force a little grease out of grease gun nozzle to remove any dirt, and wipe it clean with a rag.
4. Wipe grease fitting with a clean cloth until ball is shiny before pumping grease into it.
5. Push nozzle from grease gun firmly over grease fitting.
6. Pump a small amount of grease into fitting. If grease starts to come out of connection between gun and fitting, stop and adjust connection to fitting.
7. Pump grease into fitting until fresh grease appears in joint between dust boot and component.
8. Wipe all surplus grease from fittings and suspension components.
9. Remove engine oil drain plug and drain oil into a suitable container.
10. Remove oil filter. Ensure filter O-ring is not lodged onto engine block.
11. Reverse procedure to install, note following:
  a. Do not install oil filter using tools. Hand tighten filter.
  b. Fill oil level to manufacturer specification.
  c. Run engine and inspect oil level. Top off oil as required.

Fig. 1 NLGI symbols

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