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A statically balanced wheel is balanced in one plane, around centerline of wheel. This prevents simple up and down movement relative to centerline of the wheel. A dynamically balanced wheel is balanced on both sides of hub. This reduces the chance of wobble off axis. Dynamic balancing is the preferred method for wheel balancing.
A small amount of residual dynamic imbalance is preferred over a similar amount of remaining static imbalance.
In general, it takes much more residual dynamic imbalance to cause a vibration than the same amount of static imbalance.
The larger the diameter used for weight placement, the smaller the amount of correction weight is required.
The wider the distance between the two weight placement locations, the smaller the amount of correction weight is required.
If static balance is the only option, always verify that the remaining dynamic residual imbalance is within acceptable tolerance.
Refer to the operating instructions from the wheel balancing equipment manufacture for proper operating procedures.
1. Inspect tires for wear and proper inflation pressure.
2. Inspect radial and lateral tire runout with dial indicator. Runout should be .06 inch or less when mounted on vehicle and .05 or less off vehicle.
3. Inspect and adjust tire balance using a suitable wheel balancing machine. To achieve best balance on an average sized tire and wheel assembly, residual static imbalance should be less than .5 ounce and residual dynamic imbalance should be less than .25 ounce per plane.
4. Rotate tires as illustrated in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1 Tire rotation diagram

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