Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Transmission Oil Cooler Line, Flush

Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual / Maintenance / Transmission Oil Cooler Line, Flush

Warning: Wear eye protection. Wear standard industrial rubber gloves.
Warning: Keep lit cigarettes, sparks, flames, and other ignition sources away from the area to prevent the ignition of combustible liquids and gases. Keep a "Class B" fire extinguisher in the area where the flusher will be used.
Warning: Keep the area well ventilated. Do not let flushing solvent come in contact with your eyes or skin: If eye contamination occurs, flush eyes with water for 15 to 20 seconds. Remove contaminated clothing and wash affected skin with soap and water. Seek medical attention.
Caution: Do not use solvents containing acids, water, gasoline, or any other corrosive liquids.
There are two different procedures for flushing coolers and lines. The recommended procedure is to use a cooler flush machine.

Cooler Flushing Machine

Transmission oil cooler line flushing procedure may vary slightly depending on equipment manufacture. Follow instructions and procedures as provided by the equipment manufacture.
1. Fill reservoir of flush machine with fresh flushing solution. Flushing solvents are generally petroleum based solutions used to clean automatic transmission components.
2. Verify pump power switch is turned "OFF."
3. Connect pressure line to outlet from cooler line.
4. Connect return line to inlet to cooler line.
5. Turn pump on for two to three minutes to flush cooler and lines.
6. Turn pump "OFF."
7. Disconnect suction line from machine reservoir. Disconnect return line and place it in a drain pan.
8. Turn pump "ON" for 30 seconds to purge flushing solution from cooler and lines. Turn pump "OFF."
9. Place suction line into a one quart container of clean transmission fluid.
10. Turn pump "ON" until all transmission fluid is removed from one quart container and lines. This purges any residual cleaning solvent from transmission cooler and lines. Turn pump "OFF."
11. Remove flushing adapters from cooler lines.

Manual Flush

1. Disconnect cooler lines at transmission.
2. Reverse flush cooler using a hand suction gun filled with mineral spirits. Force mineral spirits into line from cooler and catch exiting spirits from to cooler line. Observe for presence of debris in exiting fluid. Continue until fluid exiting is clear and free from debris.
3. Blow any remaining mineral spirits from cooler, again in reverse direction using compressed air under 40 psi in intermittent spurts.
4. Pump one quart of automatic transmission fluid through cooler before connecting.
5. If at any stage of cleaning process, cooler does not freely pass fluid, cooler must be replaced.
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