Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Vehicle, Road Test

The vehicle road test purpose is to verify a customer concern or to verify a repair has been completed correctly.
For transmission road test, ensure that transmission or transaxle is brought to operating temperature and all forward gears and reverse gear engage properly throughout applicable RPM range.
Following road test inspections depend on vehicle equipment level and available testing possibilities, either city or rural.
1. Engine performance, stalling, idle and acceleration.
2. Clutch driving off, pedal force and smell.
3. Shift lever easy movement and shift lever position.
4. Automatic transaxle selector lever position, shift lock/ignition key interlock, shift behavior and instrument cluster display.
5. Foot and parking brake function, free travel, effectiveness, pulling to one side, shuddering and squeal.
6. ABS function when braking with activated ABS, brake pedal must pulse noticeably.
7. Steering functionality, steering free-play, steering wheel center position when driving straight ahead.
8. Tilt/slide sunroof function.
9. Cruise control system function.
10. Radio reception and interference.
11. Driver Information System (DIS) functions.
12. A/C function.
13. Vehicle pulling to one side while driving straight ahead.
14. Imbalance in wheels and driveshafts.
15. Wheel bearings noise.
16. Engine hot start function.
17. Horn function.
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