Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Cobalt & G5

Recommended Service Service Interval
Inspect Lamps, Seat Belt & Warning Devices At Least Once Every 6 Months
Lubricate Hinges, Latches, Lock Cylinders & Strikers At Engine Oil Changes Or At Least Every 12 Months
Replace Cabin Air Filter Every 15,000 Miles
Inspect Brake System At Engine Oil Changes Or At Least Every 12 Months
Inspect Parking Brake Operation At Least Once Every 12 Months
Change Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter No Normal Service Required: Severe Service Every 50,000 Miles
Inspect CV Joint Boots At Tire Rotations
Change Engine Coolant Every 60 Months Or 150,000 Miles
Change Engine Oil & Filter 1
Drain, Flush & Refill Intercooler System, 2.0L Every 60 Months Or 150,000 Miles
Inspect Drive Belt Every 150,000 Miles
Inspect Exhaust System Every 25,000 Miles
Inspect Fuel System Every 25,000 Miles
Inspect Spark Plug Wires At Spark Plug Changes
Replace Air Filter Every 50,000 Miles
Replace Spark Plugs Every 100,000 Miles
Inspect Steering & Suspension System At Tire Rotations
Rotate Tires At Oil Change Intervals
CNG--Compressed Natural Gas
BTSI--Brake Transmission Shift Interlock
IAC--Idle Air Control
ISC--Idle Speed Control System
 1 --On models equipped with Engine Oil Life Monitor, change engine oil when message appears in message display center. Do not exceed 12 months between oil and filter change intervals.
    2005-10 Cobalt
    After changing engine oil, Engine Oil Life System must be reset as follows: 1. Turn ignition to RUN, with engine off. 2. Press ...

    Steering & Suspension

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