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The VSES (Vehicle Stability Enhancement System) adds an additional level of vehicle control to the EBCM (Electronic Brake Control Module). The EBCM controls the system functions and detects failures. Yaw rate is the rate of rotation about the vehicle's vertical axis. The VSES is activated when the EBCM determines that the desired yaw rate does not match the actual yaw rate as measured by the yaw rate sensor.
The desired yaw rate is calculated from measured steering wheel position, vehicle speed and lateral acceleration. The difference between the desired yaw rate and actual yaw rate is the yaw rate error, which is a measurement of oversteer or understeer. If the yaw rate error becomes too large, the EBCM will attempt to correct the vehicle yaw motion by applying differential braking to the left or right front wheel.
    Component Replacement
    Anti-Lock Brake System Automated Bleed Procedure 1. Raise and support vehicle. 2. Remove all four wheel and tire assemblies. ...

    The desired yaw rate is calculated from the position of the steering wheel, the speed of the vehicle and the lateral, or sideways acceleration of the vehicle. The difference between ...

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