Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Operation

The desired yaw rate is calculated from the position of the steering wheel, the speed of the vehicle and the lateral, or sideways acceleration of the vehicle. The difference between the desired yaw rate and the actual yaw rate is the yaw rate error, which is a measurement of oversteer or understeer. If the yaw rate error becomes too large, the EBCM attempts to correct the vehicle's yaw motion by applying differential braking to the appropriate wheel. The amount of differential braking applied to the left or right front wheel is based on both the yaw rate error and side slip rate error.
The VSES activations generally occur during aggressive driving, in turns or on bumpy roads without much use of the accelerator pedal. When braking during VSES activation, the pedal pulsations feel different than the ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) pedal pulsations. The brake pedal pulsates at a higher frequency during VSES activation.
When traction control switch is pressed twice within a 5 second time frame the EBCM will disable Traction and put the vehicle stability enhancement system into a competitive mode which will limit Vehicle Stability Enhancement System control. When Traction switch is pressed and held for 5 seconds Traction and Vehicle Stability Enhancement System will be disabled. Traction switch has multiple functions depending on switch sequence applied. Traction will be re-enabled by default when an ignition cycle is performed.
    The VSES (Vehicle Stability Enhancement System) adds an additional level of vehicle control to the EBCM (Electronic Brake Control Module). The EBCM controls the system functions and det ...

    Initialization Sequence The EBCM performs one initialization test each ignition cycle. The initialization of the EBCM occurs when the EBCM detects the there is a minimum of 500 RPM fro ...

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