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Most modern cars come equipped with hydraulic power steering, as systems age they can wear out. Power steering fluid leaks (depending on severity) will cause the power steering system to stop working.
Always clean all power steering components, hoses and lines before starting the inspection. The origination of the leak can be narrowed down considerably during cleaning.
Caution: Always wear safety glasses when working on or near the power steering system.
1. Fill power steering reservoir to full line with power steering fluid.
2. Start engine and listen for any abnormal noise coming from pump.
3. Turn steering wheel to righthand lock, turn to lefthand lock then center wheels.
4. Inspect reservoir seal to pump.
5. Inspect hoses and lines around power steering pump for possible fluid leaks.
6. Raise and support vehicle using a suitable vehicle lift.
7. Inspect seals of rack and pinion or recirculating ball unit for fluid leaks.
8. Once leak has been detected repair system as required.
9. Perform inspection again after repairs are complete.
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