Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Suspension System, Inspection

A visual inspection must always be performed to confirm the presence of aftermarket components, potential collision damage, or areas of concern.
1. Inspect tire pressures with all normal loads in vehicle and tires cold. Refer to vehicle certification (VT) label.
2. Verify that all tires are sized to specification. Refer to VT label.
3. Inspect tires for incorrect wear and damage. Install new tires as required.
4. Remove any excessive accumulation of mud, dirt, or road deposits from chassis and underbody.
5. Inspect for aftermarket changes to steering, suspension, and wheel and tire components (such as competition or heavy duty).
6. Visually inspect components for damage or wear as follows:
  a. Front wheel bearings.
  b. Suspension fasteners.
  c. Springs as well as incorrect spring usage.
  d. Air suspension components, if equipped.
  e. Shock absorbers.
  f. Struts.
  g. Suspension bushings.
  h. Steering system components.
  i. Axle components.
7. Connect a suitably programmed scan tool to vehicle DLC. Ensure no DTCs are present.
8. If an obvious cause for an observed or reported condition is found, correct cause as required.
9. Road test vehicle. Stay alert for any abnormal sounds or vibrations that could originate from suspension system.
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