Contours: Clear design language dominates the new look of the notchback

Chevrolet Aveo / Overview / Contours: Clear design language dominates the new look of the notchback

The Chevrolet Aveo was designed at the GM Daewoo styling centre in Korea. The most obvious expression of the new design line in this sedan is the front section, where the most striking features are the three-dimensional headlamps, which extend deeply into the engine hood and the front fenders, and the grille, which is set in chunky chrome strips. The cross-buckle with the Chevrolet emblem is a real eye-catcher in the middle. These optical elements of the Aveo front section impart a certain dynamism, as do the striking V-shaped edges of the engine hood. The hood character lines extend to the powerful-looking front bumper and, in conjunction with the black-bordered circular fog lamps, reinforce the sporty look of the four-door notchback.

The new Chevrolet Aveo therefore not only looks more dynamic than its predecessor, it is also more grown-up. This is evidenced by the stretched-looking silhouette with its rising sideline, pronounced shoulders and body-coloured door sills. It is further emphasized by the long outside door handles and the newly designed 15" wheels. The rear end of the Aveo has a clarity of structure about it. With a chrome strip traversing the entire width and boldly shaped rear lamps, it picks up some of the design cues of the front section.


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