Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual: Instrument Panel

On vehicles with a sunroof, the switch that operates it is located on the headliner between the map lamps. The sunroof will only operate while the ignition is on, or turned to ACC/ACCESSORY, o ...

Hazard Warning Flashers
(Hazard Warning Flasher): Press this button located on the instrument panel, to make the front and rear turn signal lamps flash on and off. This warns others that you are having trouble. Press ...

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Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual. Center High-Mounted Stoplamp (CHMSL)
To replace a CHMSL bulb: 1. Open the trunk. 2. Press the tabs to release the bulb assembly. 3. Pull the bulb assembly down to access the bulbs. 4. Pull the old bulb straight out. 5. Push the new bulb straight in until it clicks. 6. Align the tabs in the bulb assembly with the assembly in th ...

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