Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual: Audio System(s)

Determine which radio the vehicle has and read the following pages to become familiar with its features.

Taking your eyes off the road for extended periods could cause a crash resulting in injury or death to you or others. Do not give extended attention to entertainment tasks while driving.

This system provides access to many audio and non audio listings.

To minimize taking your eyes off the road while driving, do the following while the vehicle is parked: - Become familiar with the operation and controls of the audio system.

- Set up the tone, speaker adjustments, and preset radio stations.

For more information, see Defensive Driving.

Notice: Contact your dealer/retailer before adding any equipment.

Adding audio or communication equipment could interfere with the operation of the vehicle's engine, radio, or other systems, and could damage them.

Follow federal rules covering mobile radio and telephone equipment.

Notice: The chime signals related to safety belts, parking brake, and other functions of your vehicle operate through the radio/entertainment system.

If that equipment is replaced or additional equipment is added to your vehicle, the chimes may not work. Make sure that replacement or additional equipment is compatible with your vehicle before installing it. See Accessories and Modifications.

The vehicle has Retained Accessory Power (RAP). With RAP, the audio system can be played even after the ignition is turned off. See Retained Accessory Power (RAP) for more information.

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