Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Precautions

Air Bag System

1. Prior to disconnecting or servicing any air bag components, disarm air bag system as outlined under "Air Bag System Disarming & Arming."
2. Air bag system components or seat belt tensioner units must not be opened or repaired. Always install new components.
3. Always place removed air bag module so pad is facing upward.
4. Air bag module or seat belt tensioner unit must not be exposed to grease or cleaned with any type of cleaning agent.
5. Keep units clear of heat sources. Do not expose air bag module or seat belt tensioner units to high temperatures for even brief periods.
6. Do not paint air bag modules to correct cosmetic flaws. Modules must be replaced.
7. Inspect all components prior to installation. Do not install any components that appear to have been improperly handled or stored, or that show any signs of damage.
8. When carrying live air bag module, ensure bag opening is facing away from body.
9. Avoid working directly in front of air bag module. It is safer to approach them from sides or below.
10. Do not drop air bag system components.
    Air Bags

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