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Method A

1. Measure the crankshaft bearing journal diameter with a micrometer in several places, 90 degrees apart. Average the measurements.
2. Measure the crankshaft bearing journal taper and runout.
3. Install the lower crankcase and tighten the bearing cap bolts to specification.
4. Measure bearing inside diameter (ID) in several places 90 degrees apart, average measurements.
5. Subtract journal measurement from bearing ID measurement to determine clearance.
6. Determine whether clearance is within specification.
7. If out of specification, choose different inserts.
8. Measure the connecting rod inside diameter in the same direction as the length of the rod with an inside micrometer.
9. Measure the crankshaft main bearing inside diameter with an inside micrometer.

Method B

1. Clean the used bearing inserts.
2. Install the used bearing inserts.
3. Place a piece of gaging plastic across the entire bearing width.
4. Install the bearing caps. In order to prevent the possibility of cylinder block or crankshaft bearing cap damage, the crankshaft bearing caps are tapped into the cylinder block cavity using a brass, lead, or a leather mallet before the attaching bolts are installed. Do not use attaching bolts to pull the crankshaft bearing caps into the seats. Failure to use this process may damage a cylinder block or a bearing cap.
5. Install the bearing cap bolts to specification. Do not rotate the crankshaft.
6. Remove the bearing cap, leaving the gaging plastic in place. It does not matter whether the gaging plastic adheres to the journal or to the bearing cap.
7. Measure the gaging plastic at its widest point with the scale printed on the gaging plastic package.
8. Remove the gaging plastic.
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