Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Engine No Start

A visual inspection must always be performed to confirm the presence of aftermarket components, potential collision damage, or areas of concern.
Caution: The fuel system is under constant pressure, even with the key off. Before testing or servicing fuel system relive fuel system pressure.
Warning: Gasoline is toxic and highly flammable. When used, explosive/highly flammable vapor-air mixtures may be formed. Keep away from sources of ignition.
Prior to no start diagnosis verify that there are no fluid leaks or abnormal odors.
1. Inspect that vehicle is not immobilized due to a anti-theft system.
2. Inspect for aftermarket components, such as a remote start or alarm.
3. Verify battery is at full state of charge. Inspect battery condition and charge batteries, as required.
4. If vehicle does not crank over when ignition is cycled to start, perform starter diagnostics.
5. Inspect for proper fuel level and quality.
6. Verify fuel pump operation and vehicle has proper fuel pressure. Inspect that fuel inertia switch has not been tripped.
7. Inspect fuses and fusible links.
8. Connect a suitably programmed scan tool and perform OBDII diagnostic test functions. Verify no network concerns are present.
9. Retrieve and record diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's)
10. Follow appropriate DTC chart for codes retrieved. If no DTC's are retrieved perform following:
  a. Inspect for fuel leaks around injectors.
  b. Inspect spark plugs and wires, as required.
  c. Inspect condition and wiring of crankshaft and camshaft sensors.
  d. Inspect for disconnected electrical connectors and vacuum hoses.
  e. Inspect manifold absolute pressure (MAP) and manifold air flow (MAF) sensors and circuits.
  f. Inspect idle air control motor and circuits.
  g. Inspect for a plugged air intake system.
  h. Inspect for exhaust restrictions.
  i. Inspect intake manifold air temp sensor and circuits.
  j. Inspect ignition and coil circuits.
  k. Inspect throttle position sensor and circuits.
  l. Inspect exhaust gas recirculation system.
  m. Inspect engine timing belt or chain.
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