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The driver can select this optional handling mode by pressing the ESC/TCS button on the console two times quickly. COMPETITIVE MODE will be displayed in the DIC. See DIC Warnings and Messages.

Competitive Driving Mode allows the driver to have full control of the front wheels while the ESC system helps maintain directional control of the vehicle by selective brake application. The ESC/TCS light will be on and the traction control system will not be operating. Adjust your driving accordingly. This electronic stability control mode is recommended only for use during closed track events and competitive driving venues.

When the ESC button is pressed again, or the vehicle is restarted, the ESC and TCS will be turned back on.

Notice: When traction control is turned off, or Competitive Driving Mode is active, it is possible to lose traction. If you attempt to shift with the front wheels spinning with a loss of traction, it is possible to cause damage to the transmission.

Do not attempt to shift when the front wheels do not have traction. Damage caused by misuse of the vehicle is not covered. See your warranty book for additional information.

Launch Control (SS Models Only)

Launch Control is a form of traction control, to control tire spin while launching the vehicle during closed track events and competitive driving. The feature is activated when the vehicle is at rest while in Competitive Mode.

At rest, if the accelerator pedal is pressed to the floor with the clutch engaged, the RPM is limited to a predetermined level. A smooth, quick release of the clutch while keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor will provide controlled wheel spin for consistent acceleration. Complete shifts as described in Manual Transmission Operation.

LAUNCH CONTROL displays in the DIC after the COMPETITIVE MODE message, when the vehicle is stopped. The system will exit to COMPETITIVE MODE after the vehicle is launched. See “Competitive Driving Mode” earlier in this section. The normal Traction Control System (TCS) will not be operating while in the Competitive Driving mode and the TCS light on the instrument panel cluster comes on. Adjust your driving accordingly. See DIC Warnings and Messages for more information.

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