Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Camshaft R&R


1. Loosen vent hose clamp at air cleaner resonator, air cleaner intake duct clamp at air cleaner outlet resonator.
2. Loosen air cleaner outlet resonator to throttle body clamp, located forward of accelerator cable bracket. Remove air cleaner resonator to accelerator bracket bolt.
3. Remove throttle body resonator, air cleaner intake duct and vent hose.
4. Disconnect accelerator and cruise control cables from throttle body, then the bracket.
5. Remove PCV valve.
6. Remove fuel line brackets and brake booster hose pipe from brackets.
7. Remove mounting screw, ignition coil and Ignition Control Module (ICM).
8. Remove ground strap.
9. Remove mounting bolts and camshaft cover.
10. Remove upper timing chain guide.
11. Remove both intake and exhaust camshaft sprocket bolts using camshaft sprocket holding tool No. J43655, or equivalent.
12. Slide camshaft sprockets forward.
13. On intake side, remove power steering pump.
14. On both sides, mark bearing caps for installation reference.
15. Remove bearing caps.
16. Remove exhaust and intake camshafts.
17. Remove camshaft roller followers.
18. Remove hydraulic element lash adjusters.
19. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
  a. Lubricate valve tips using suitable lubricant.
  b. Ensure alignment notches are aligned with camshaft sprocket.
  c. Torque camshaft bearing cap bolts in three increments to 89 inch lbs.
  d. Apply anaerobic sealer bead, GM part No. 1052942, or equivalent, to rear intake camshaft bearing cap.
  e. Torque camshaft sprocket bolts to 63 ft. lbs.
  f. Final tighten bolts an additional 30В°.
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