Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Belt Tension Data


1. Turn Off accessories.
2. Bring engine to operating temperature.
3. Turn engine Off.
4. Read belt tension using belt tension gauge tool No. J23600B, or equivalent, halfway between alternator and power steering pump.
5. Start engine and allow temperature to stabilize for 15 seconds.
6. Turn engine Off.
7. Install 15mm socket, apply clockwise force to tensioner pulley bolt.
8. Release force and measure belt tension without disturbing tensioner position.
9. Install 15mm socket, apply counterclockwise force to tensioner pulley bolt and raise pulley to eliminate tension.
10. Slowly lower pulley to belt and measure belt tension without disturbing tensioner position.
11. Average out readings.
12. If average is less than 30-50 lbs., replace belt tensioner.
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