Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Rear Compartment Lid Hinge


1. Raise and support rear compartment lid.
2. Remove compartment lid hinge bolts (2), Fig. 1.from hinge.
3. Remove compartment lid hinge nuts (1) from decklid studs.
4. Remove compartment lid hinge (3) from vehicle.


1. Position rear compartment lid hinge (3) to vehicle, Fig. 1.
2. Install rear compartment hinge nuts (1) to studs on decklid. Torque nuts to 89 inch lbs.
3. Install rear compartment hinge bolts (2) to hinge. Torque bolts to 89 inch lbs.
4. Adjust rear compartment lid if required as outlined in Rear Compartment Lid.

Fig. 1 Rear compartment lid hinges

    Rear Compartment Lid
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    Rear Compartment Lid Latch
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