Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Sunroof Frame


Note: A new sunroof module assembly does not include sunroof window or sunshade as components. You must install old sunroof window and sunshade to new sunroof module assembly.
1. Remove sunshade panel, as required.
2. Remove sunroof window, as required.
3. Remove headliner, as required.
4. Disconnect electrical connector on sunroof actuator, Fig. 1.
5. Disconnect electrical connector from sunroof module.
6. Disconnect front and rear drain hoses (1) from drain spouts on sunroof module, Fig. 2.
7. Note: Remove two center nuts last in order to help support sunroof module to roof ring. Remove sunroof module nuts (2) from roof.
8. Remove center nuts from sunroof module.
9. With aid of an assistant, lower and remove sunroof module assembly out through passenger side door.


1. With aid of an assistant, position new sunroof module assembly to studs located on roof ring.
2. Install center sunroof module to roof nuts (1) and (2) and tighten by hand, Fig. 2.
3. Install remaining sunroof module (1) nuts to module in sequence (3-8), Fig. 3.Torque to 89 inch lbs.
4. Connect front and rear drain hoses (1) to drain spouts on sunroof module.
5. Install sunroof window to new sunroof module.
6. Install sunshade panel to new sunroof module.
7. Connect electrical connector to sunroof motor/actuator, Fig. 1.
8. Secure harness to sunroof module.
9. Verify proper operation of sunroof before securing headliner.
10. Install headliner, as required.

Sunroof Window Height & Opening Fit Adjustment

Note: Correct adjustment cannot be achieved if sunroof window is closed from vent position.Do not remove or lower headliner to access sunroof window screws.
1. Cycle sunroof window from full open to closed position.
2. Loosen adjusting screws on window, Fig. 4.
3. Adjust corners of front window panel using following guidelines:
  a. Adjust front of sunroof window to .00 inch - .04 inch below top surface of roof panel.
  b. Adjust rear center line of sunroof window to .08 inch - .12 inch above top surface of roof panel.
4. Tighten sunroof window adjustment screws. Torque screws to 44 inch lbs.
5. Cycle sunroof window through all positions.
6. Inspect sunroof window adjustment and adjust as required.

Fig. 1 Sunroof actuator connector

Fig. 2 Sunroof module

Fig. 3 Sunroof module torque sequence

Fig. 4 Sunroof window height & opening fit adjustment

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