Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Rocker Panel Molding


1. Lift and support vehicle.
2. Remove front and rear tire on side rocker molding is being serviced.
3. Open both front and rear doors on same side in order to assist in rocker panel removal.
4. Remove wheelhouse panel screw (1), Fig. 1.
5. Using J 38778 door trim pad clip remover or equivalent, release five lower retainers (2) first from rocker panel.
6. Release nine upper retainers (2) second, from body side outer panel.
7. Replace any broken retainers as required.
8. Remove rocker panel molding (3).


1. Position rocker panel molding to vehicle, aligning lower row of retainers to body openings.
2. Push upward and ensure all five lower row retainers (2), Fig. 1, are fully seated.
3. Ensure nine upper row retainers (2) align with holes in rocker panel, press inward to fully seat. Inspect panel to verify tight fit against rocker panel.
4. Install wheelhouse panel screws (1). Torque to 13 inch lbs.
5. Close both front and rear doors.
6. Install front and rear tires.
7. Lower vehicle.

Fig. 1 Rocker panel molding

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