Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Front Side Door Latch


1. Remove panels and components.
2. Remove front side door latch screws (1), Fig. 1.
3. Remove front side door latch (2).


1. Install front side door latch (2).
2. Install front side door latch screws (1). Torque to 89 inch lbs.
3. Install panels and components.


When striker bolts have been removed, striker anchor plate (1) will slip down in door pillar or quarter panel and trim will need to be removed to gain access.
1. To determine if striker adjustment is required, proceed as follows.
2. Ensure that door is properly aligned with door opening before proceeding with striker adjustment.
3. Open and close door on striker (2), Fig. 2. Note if door drags on striker causing door to move upward or downward upon contact with striker. Also note closing effort to fully engage latch.
4. Mark around striker (2) for reference of original position using a soft marker. Loosen striker screws just enough to allow movement of door striker and shims if equipped.
5. Adjust door striker up or down and inboard or outboard as required, Fig. 3.
6. Move striker to eliminate drag on striker and door latch and to achieve proper door position within door opening. Start with up/down position, then position striker to achieve proper alignment to door opening. Set in/out adjustment for proper door seal engagement ensuring that door closing efforts are correct.
7. Adjust striker and add spacers as required, Fig. 4.Torque screws to 18 ft. lbs.
8. Inspect door for proper operation.
9. Close door.

Fig. 1 Front side door latch

Fig. 2 Door latch striker

Fig. 3 Door latch striker adjustment

Fig. 4 Door latch striker with shim

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