Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Tightening Specifications

Year Component Torque, Ft. Lbs.
2009-10 Accelerator & Cruise Control Cable 89 2
Air Cleaner Clamps 44 2
Air Cleaner Outlet Resonator Mounting Bolt 89 2
Alternator 15
Engine Mount Strut 74 1
Engine To Transmission Bolts 55
Power Steering Pump 19
Radiator Drain Cock 18 2
Righthand Engine Mount Bolts 44 1
Righthand Engine Mount To Body Nuts 55
Torque Converter Bolts 46
Upper Air Cleaner Cover Screws 27 2
 1 --Plus 90В°.
 2 --Inch lbs.
    Battery Ground Cable Prior to service, disconnect battery ground cable and isolate as required. Fuel System Pressure Relief 1. Disconnect battery ground ...

    Valve Cover Gasket R&R
    1. Remove the intake manifold cover. 2. Remove the air cleaner outlet duct. 3. Disconnect the intake (3) and exhau ...

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