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If equipped, some audio

If equipped, some audio controls can be adjusted using the controls on the right side of the steering wheel.

volume. : Increases or decreases

stations, select tracks : Press to change radio
stations, select tracks
on a CD, or to select tracks and navigate folders on an iPod® or USB device.

vehicle speakers only. Press : Press to silence the
vehicle speakers only. Press again to turn the sound on. Press and hold longer than two seconds to interact with the OnStar® or Bluetooth systems.

call, or to end a call.: Press to reject an incoming
call, or to end a call.

For more information, see Audio Steering Wheel Controls.

    Portable Audio Devices (Auxiliary Input or USB Port)
    This vehicle may have an auxiliary input jack and a USB port, located on the audio faceplate. External devices such as iPods®, laptop computers, MP3 players, CD changers, USB storage devices, etc. ...

    For vehicles with an in-vehicle Bluetooth system, it allows users with a Bluetooth enabled cell phone to make and receive hands-free calls using the vehicle’s audio system and controls. The Blue ...

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