Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual

      L Preface
           L Preface
           L Canadian Owners
           L Index
           L Safety Warnings and Symbols
           L Vehicle Symbols
      L In Brief
           L Instrument Panel
           L Initial Drive Information
           L Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System
           L Remote Vehicle Start
           L Door Locks
           L Trunk Release
           L Windows
           L Seat Adjustment
           L Head Restraint Adjustment
           L Safety Belt
           L Sensing System for Passenger Airbag
           L Mirror Adjustment
           L Steering Wheel Adjustment
           L Interior Lighting
           L Exterior Lighting
           L Windshield Wiper/Washer
           L Radio(s)
           L Satellite Radio
           L Portable Audio Devices (Auxiliary Input or USB Port)
           L Steering Wheel Controls
           L Bluetooth®
           L Cruise Control
           L Power Outlets
           L Traction Control System (TCS)
           L Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
           L Tire Pressure Monitor
           L Tire Sealant and Compressor Kit
           L Engine Oil Life System
           L Driving for Better Fuel Economy
           L Roadside Assistance Program
           L OnStar®
      L Seats and Restraint System
           L Manual Seats
           L Seat Height Adjuster
           L Manual Lumbar
           L Heated Seats
           L Reclining Seatbacks
           L Head Restraints
           L Easy Entry Seat (Coupe)
           L Split Folding Rear Seat
           L Safety Belts: They Are for Everyone
           L How to Wear Safety Belts Properly
           L Lap-Shoulder Belt
           L Safety Belt Use During Pregnancy
           L Safety Belt Extender
           L Older Children
           L Infants and Young Children
           L Child Restraint Systems
           L Where to Put the Restraint
           L Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH)
           L Securing a Child Restraint in a Rear Seat Position
           L Securing a Child Restraint in the Right Front Seat Position
           L Airbag System
           L Where Are the Airbags?
           L When Should an Airbag Inflate?
           L What Makes an Airbag Inflate?
           L How Does an Airbag Restrain?
           L What Will You See After an Airbag Inflates?
           L Passenger Sensing System (Without Turbo Engine)
           L Passenger Sensing System (With Turbo Engine)
           L Servicing Your Airbag-Equipped Vehicle
           L Adding Equipment to Your Airbag-Equipped Vehicle
           L Checking the Restraint Systems
           L Replacing Restraint System Parts After a Crash
      L Features and Controls
           L Keys
           L Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System
           L Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System Operation
           L Remote Vehicle Start
           L Door Locks
           L Power Door Locks
           L Delayed Locking
           L Automatic Door Lock
           L Programmable Automatic Door Unlock
           L Rear Door Security Locks (Sedan)
           L Lockout Protection
           L Trunk
           L Windows
           L Manual Windows
           L Power Windows
           L Sun Visors
           L Theft-Deterrent Systems
           L Content Theft-Deterrent
           L PASS-Key® III+ Electronic Immobilizer
           L PASS-Key® III+ Electronic Immobilizer Operation
           L New Vehicle Break-In
           L Retained Accessory Power (RAP)
           L Starting the Engine
           L Engine Coolant Heater
           L Automatic Transmission Operation
           L Manual Transmission Operation
           L Parking Brake
           L Shifting Into Park (Automatic Transmission)
           L Shifting Out of Park (Automatic Transmission)
           L Parking the Vehicle (Manual Transmission)
           L Parking Over Things That Burn
           L Running the Vehicle While Parked
           L Manual Rearview Mirror
           L Outside Manual Mirror
           L Outside Remote Control Mirror
           L Outside Power Mirrors
           L Outside Convex Mirror
           L Glove Box
           L Cupholders
           L Center Console Storage
           L Driver Storage Compartment
           L Convenience Net
           L Sunroof
      L Instrument Panel
           L Hazard Warning Flashers
           L Horn
           L Tilt Wheel
           L Turn Signal/Multifunction Lever
           L Turn and Lane-Change Signals
           L Headlamp High/Low-Beam Changer
           L Flash-to-Pass
           L Windshield Wipers
           L Windshield Washer
           L Cruise Control
           L Headlamps
           L Wiper Activated Headlamps
           L Headlamps on Reminder
           L Daytime Running Lamps (DRL)
           L  Fog Lamps
           L Instrument Panel Brightness
           L Dome Lamp
           L Entry/Exit Lighting
           L Mirror Reading Lamps
           L Electric Power Management
           L Battery Run-Down Protection
           L Accessory Power Outlet(s)
           L Ashtray(s) and Cigarette Lighter
           L Climate Control System
           L Rear Window Defogger
           L Outlet Adjustment
           L Passenger Compartment Air Filter
           L Warning Lights, Gauges, and Indicators
           L Instrument Panel Cluster
           L Speedometer and Odometer
           L Tachometer
           L Safety Belt Reminders
           L Airbag Readiness Light
           L Passenger Airbag Status Indicator
           L Charging System Light
           L Up-Shift Light
           L Brake System Warning Light
           L Antilock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light
           L Enhanced Traction System (ETS) Indicator/Warning Light
           L Electronic Stability Control (ESC)/ Traction Control System (TCS) Indicator/Warning Light
           L Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light
           L Tire Pressure Light
           L Malfunction Indicator Lamp
           L Oil Pressure Light
           L Security Light
           L Fog Lamp Light
           L Highbeam On Light
           L Fuel Gauge
           L Boost Gauge
           L Reconfigurable Performance Display (RPD)
           L Driver Information Center (DIC)
           L DIC Operation and Displays
           L DIC Warnings and Messages
           L DIC Vehicle Personalization
           L Audio System(s)
           L Setting the Clock
           L Radio(s)
           L Using an MP3
           L XM Radio Messages
           L Bluetooth®
           L Theft-Deterrent Feature
           L Audio Steering Wheel Controls
           L Radio Reception
           L XM™ Satellite Radio Antenna System
      L Driving Your Vehicle
           L Defensive Driving
           L Drunk Driving
           L Control of a Vehicle
           L Braking
           L Antilock Brake System (ABS)
           L Using ABS
           L Braking in Emergencies
           L Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
           L Competitive Driving Mode (SS Models Only)
           L Traction Control System (TCS)
           L Enhanced Traction System (ETS)
           L Limited-Slip Differential
           L Steering
           L Off-Road Recovery
           L Passing
           L Loss of Control
           L Racing or Other Competitive Driving
           L Driving at Night
           L Driving in Rain and on Wet Roads
           L Before Leaving on a Long Trip
           L Highway Hypnosis
           L Hill and Mountain Roads
           L Winter Driving
           L If Your Vehicle is Stuck in Sand, Mud, Ice, or Snow
           L Rocking Your Vehicle to Get It Out
           L Towing Your Vehicle
           L Recreational Vehicle Towing
           L Towing a Trailer (Automatic Transmission)
           L Towing a Trailer (Manual Transmission)
      L Service and Appearance Care
           L Service
           L Accessories and Modifications
           L California Proposition 65 Warning
           L California Perchlorate Materials Requirements
           L Doing Your Own Service Work
           L Adding Equipment to the Outside of the Vehicle
           L Fuel
           L Gasoline Octane
           L Gasoline Specifications
           L California Fuel
           L Additives
           L Fuels in Foreign Countries
           L Filling the Tank
           L Filling a Portable Fuel Container
           L Checking Things Under the Hood
           L Hood Release
           L Engine Compartment Overview
           L Engine Oil
           L Engine Oil Life System
           L Engine Air Cleaner/Filter (2.0L Turbo Engine)
           L Engine Air Cleaner/Filter (2.2L Engine)
           L Automatic Transmission Fluid
           L Manual Transmission Fluid
           L Hydraulic Clutch
           L Cooling System
           L Engine Coolant
           L Engine Overheating
           L Windshield Washer Fluid
           L Brakes
           L Battery
           L Jump Starting
           L Headlamp Aiming
           L Halogen Bulbs
           L Headlamps, Front Turn Signal, Sidemarker, and Parking Lamps
           L Center High-Mounted Stoplamp (CHMSL)
           L Taillamps and Turn Signal Lamps (Coupe)
           L Taillamps, Turn Signal, Stoplamps and Back-up Lamps (Sedan)
           L Back-Up Lamps (Coupe)
           L License Plate Lamp
           L Replacement Bulbs
           L Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement
           L Tires
           L Winter Tires
           L Tire Sidewall Labeling
           L Tire Terminology and Definitions
           L Inflation - Tire Pressure
           L Tire Pressure Monitor System
           L Tire Pressure Monitor Operation
           L Tire Inspection and Rotation
           L When It Is Time for New Tires
           L Buying New Tires
           L Different Size Tires and Wheels
           L Uniform Tire Quality Grading
           L Wheel Alignment and Tire Balance
           L Wheel Replacement
           L Tire Chains
           L If a Tire Goes Flat
           L Tire Sealant and Compressor Kit
           L Tire Sealant and Compressor Kit Storage
           L Changing a Flat Tire
           L Removing the Spare Tire and Tools
           L Removing the Flat Tire and Installing the Spare Tire (All Models Except SS)
           L Removing the Flat Tire and Installing the Spare Tire (SS Model)
           L Storing a Flat or Spare Tire and Tools
           L Compact Spare Tire
           L Interior Cleaning
           L Fabric/Carpet
           L Leather
           L Instrument Panel, Vinyl, and Other Plastic Surfaces
           L Care of Safety Belts
           L Weatherstrips
           L Washing Your Vehicle
           L Cleaning Exterior Lamps/Lenses
           L Finish Care
           L Windshield and Wiper Blades
           L Aluminum or Chrome-Plated Wheels and Trim
           L Tires
           L Sheet Metal Damage
           L Finish Damage
           L Underbody Maintenance
           L Chemical Paint Spotting
           L Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
           L Service Parts Identification Label
           L Add-On Electrical Equipment
           L Headlamp Wiring
           L Windshield Wiper Fuses
           L Power Windows and Other Power Options
           L Fuses and Circuit Breakers
           L Floor Console Fuse Block
           L Engine Compartment Fuse Block
           L Capacities and Specifications
      L Maintenance Schedule
           L Introduction
           L Scheduled Maintenance
           L Owner Checks and Services
           L Recommended Fluids and Lubricants
           L Maintenance Replacement Parts
           L Engine Drive Belt Routing
           L Maintenance Record
      L Customer Assistance Information
           L Customer Satisfaction Procedure
           L Online Owner Center
           L Customer Assistance for Text Telephone (TTY) Users
           L GM Mobility Reimbursement Program
           L Roadside Assistance Program
           L Scheduling Service Appointments
           L Courtesy Transportation Program
           L Collision Damage Repair
           L Reporting Safety Defects to the United States Government
           L Reporting Safety Defects to the Canadian Government
           L Reporting Safety Defects to General Motors
           L Service Publications Ordering Information
           L Vehicle Data Recording and Privacy
           L Event Data Recorders
           L OnStar®
           L Navigation System
           L Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
           L Radio Frequency Statement

Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual

      L Air Bags
           L Precautions
           L Collision Inspection
           L Component Locations
           L Component Service
           L Description & Operation
           L Air Bag System Diagnosis & Testing
           L Diagnostic Trouble Codes
           L Air Bag System Disarming & Arming
      L Air Conditioning & Heater
           L Automatic Temperature Control Diagnosis & Testing
                L ATC Diagnosis & Testing
                L ATC Component Diagnosis & Testing
           L Component Replacement & Adjustment
                L Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch Transfer
                L Air Conditioning Refrigerant Line R&R
                L Air Conditioning System Leak, Inspection
                L Ambient Air Temperature Sensor R&R
                L Blower Motor Relay R & R
                L Coolant Drain, Flush & Refill
                L Cooling System Leak Test
                L Cooling System Leak, Inspection
                L Cooling System Pressure, Test
                L Engine Coolant Expansion Tank, Replace
                L Engine Coolant Temperature Sending Unit R&R
                L Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing R&R
                L Refrigerant Filter, Replace
                L Refrigerant Line O-Ring, Replace
                L Air Gap, Adjustment
                L Blower Motor Resistor, Replace
                L Blower Motor, Replace
                L Cabin Air Filter, Replace
                L Clutch, Replace
                L Evaporator Core, Replace
                L Expansion Valve (TXV), Replace
                L Heater Core, Replace
                L Temperature Valve Actuator, Replace
                L Thermostat, Replace
                L Water Pump, Replace
           L Compressor Service
                L Clutch, Replace
                L Compressor Pressure Relief Valve, Replace
                L Compressor, Replace
           L Cooling Fan
                L Cooling Fan Blade, Replace
                L Cooling Fan, Replace
           L General Service
                L Charging System
                L Computer Relearn Procedure
                L Flushing
                L Leak Test
                L Oil Change
                L Precautions
                L Refrigerant Recovery
                L System Inspection
      L Body & Frame
           L Air Inlet Grille
           L Door Striker
           L Frame
           L Front Bumper Fascia
           L Front Bumper Fascia Bracket
           L Front Bumper Fascia Opening Cover
           L Front Bumper Impact Bar
           L Front Bumper Upper Fascia Grille
           L Front Fender
           L Front Fender Liner
           L Front Side Door
           L Front Side Door Latch
           L Front Side Door Outside Handle
           L Front Side Door Upper & Lower Hinge
           L Fuel Filler Door
           L Hood
           L Hood Hinge
           L Hood Primary & Secondary Latch
           L Outside Rearview Mirror
           L Rear Bumper Fascia
           L Rear Bumper Fascia Bracket
           L Rear Bumper Impact Bar
           L Rear Compartment Lid
           L Rear Compartment Lid Hinge
           L Rear Compartment Lid Latch
           L Rear Side Door
           L Rear Side Door Latch
           L Rear Side Door Outside Handle
           L Rear Side Door Upper & Lower Hinge
           L Rear Wheelhouse Panel Liner
           L Rocker Panel Molding
           L Sunroof Frame
      L Brakes
           L Anti-Lock Brake System, Inspection
           L Traction Control System, Inspection
           L General Procedures
                L Anti-Lock Brake System, Inspection
                L Brake Drum R&R
                L Brake Drum, Reface
                L Brake Hydraulic Systems Drain, Refill & Bleed
                L Brake Line R&R
                L Brake Rotor Deglaze
                L Brake Rotor, Reface
                L Brake System, Inspection
                L Parking Brake Cable Adjust
                L Parking Brake Cable, Replace
                L Traction Control System, Inspection
           L Disc Brakes
                L Adjustments
                L Brake Pad Service
                L Brake System Bleed
                L Caliper Service
                L Parking Brake Service
                L Rotor Replace
                L Tightening Specifications
           L Drum Brakes
                L Adjustments
                L Brake Service
                L Inspection
                L Precautions
                L Tightening Specifications
           L Hydraulic Brake Systems
                L Brake System Bleed
                L Component Replacement
                L Component Service
                L Description
                L Tightening Specifications
                L Troubleshooting
           L Parking Brake Systems
                L Parking Brake Cable Adjust
                L Parking Brake Cable, Replace
           L Power Brake Units
                L Adjustments
                L Description
                L General Service
                L Precautions
                L Troubleshooting
      L Cooling System
           L Coolant Hose, Replace
           L Heater Hose, Replace
           L Radiator Fan Shroud R&R
           L Radiator, Replace
      L Driveline
           L Axle Shaft Oil Seal R&R
           L Axle Shaft R&R
           L CV Joint Boot R&R
           L CV Joint R&R
           L Differential Side Gear R&R
           L Differential, Overhaul
           L Drive Axle Assembly Leak, Inspection
      L Electrical
           L Component Replacement
                L Back-Up Lamp Bulb, Replace
                L Blower Motor, Replace
                L Body Control System Diagnosis & Testing
                L Brake Fluid Level Warning Indicator Switch R&R
                L Brake Light Switch R&R
                L Clutch Start Switch, Replace
                L Dome Lamp Bulb, Replace
                L Door Lock Switch R&R
                L Electrical System, Inspection
                L Engine Oil Light, Diagnosis & Testing
                L Fog Lamp Bulb, Replace
                L Front Side Marker Lamp Bulb, Replace
                L Front Turn Signal Lamp Bulb, Replace
                L Headlamp Alignment, Adjust
                L Headlamp Bulb, Replace
                L Headlamp Switch, Replace
                L High Mount Stoplamp Bulb, Replace
                L HVAC Blower Motor Switch R&R
                L Ignition Lock, Replace
                L Ignition Switch, Replace
                L Malfunction Indicator Lamp, Diagnosis & Testing
                L Multi-Function Switch, Replace
                L Neutral Safety Switch, Replace
                L Oil Pressure Switch R&R
                L Pinpoint Test
                L Radio, Replace
                L Reading Lamp Bulb, Replace
                L Rear License Plate Lamp Bulb, Replace
                L Rear Side Marker Lamp Bulb, Replace
                L Rear Turn Signal Lamp Bulb, Replace
                L Tail Lamp Bulb, Replace
                L Tire Pressure Monitor Lamp, Diagnosis
                L Transmission Control Position Indicator Bulb, Replace
                L Window Regulator Motor R&R
                L Window Switch R&R
                L Windshield Washer Fluid Pump, Replace
                L Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir, Replace
                L Windshield Washer Switch R&R
                L Windshield Wiper Arm, Replace
                L Windshield Wiper Blade R&R
                L Wiper Motor, Replace
                L Wiper Switch, Replace
                L Wiper Transmission, Replace
           L Starter & Alternator
                L Alternator Pulley, Replace
                L Alternator, Replace
                L Starter, Replace
      L Electronic Stability Controls
           L Component Replacement
           L Description
           L Operation
           L Relearn
      L Engine Management
           L Emission Controls
                L General Motors Co.
                L Vehicle Visual Inspection Procedures
                L EGR Functional Tests
                L Emission Control Service Reminder Indicators (SRI) Reset Procedures
                L Engine Liters/ CID/ Type
           L Engine Tune Up & Performance
                L Compression Pressures
                L Idle Speed & Mixture Adjustments
           L Fuel Injection
                L Component Service
                L Precautions
                L Diagnosis & Testing
           L Fuel Pumps
                L Fuel Pressure Relief
                L Fuel Pump Replacement
                L Precautions
           L Ignition Systems
                L Description
                L System Service
      L Engine Service
           L Balance Shaft R&R
           L Belt Tension Data
           L Camshaft R&R
           L Compression Pressure
           L Connecting Rod R&R
           L Crankshaft Damper R&R
           L Crankshaft Main Bearing Clearance Measure
           L Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal R&R
           L Crankshaft Seal R&R
           L Cylinder Head Overhaul
           L Cylinder Head R&R
           L Emission Control System Inspection
           L Engine Assembly-Short Block R&R
           L Engine Leak Inspection
           L Engine Mount Bracket R&R
           L Engine Mount, Replace
           L Engine No Start
           L Engine Oil Filter Adapter R&R
           L Engine Oil Pan Gasket R&R
           L Engine Oil Pump Pickup R&R
           L Engine Rebuild Specifications
           L Engine Valve Seat Grind
           L Engine Valves R&R
           L Engine, Replace
           L Exhaust Manifold Gasket R&R
           L Exhaust Manifold, Replace
           L Front Cover, Replace
           L Fuel Pump, Replace
           L Intake Manifold Bolts Re-Torque
           L Intake Manifold Gasket R&R
           L Intake Manifold, Replace
           L Oil Pan, Replace
           L Oil Pump, Replace
           L Powertrain Drivability Diagnosis & Testing
           L Precautions
           L Tightening Specifications
           L Valve Cover Gasket R&R
           L Valve Cover, Replace
           L Valve Spring Replace
           L Valve Stem Oil Seal R&R
           L Water Pump Assembly R&R
           L Timing Chain Tensioner R & R
           L Timing Chain, Replace
      L Exhaust
           L Catalytic Converter R&R
           L Exhaust Muffler, Replace
           L Exhaust System Complete, Replace
           L Exhaust Tail Pipe, Replace
      L Interior Panels
           L Door Handle
           L Door Latch
           L Door Lock Cylinder
           L Door Trim Panel
           L Exterior Rearview Mirrors
           L Floor Console
           L Hood Support Strut, Replace
           L Instrument Panel
           L Liftgate Lock Cylinder R & R
           L Window Regulator R&R
           L Window Regulator, Overhaul
      L Maintenance
           L Battery Cable Terminal End Service
           L Battery Cable, Replace
           L Engine Oil Filter R & R
           L Lube, Oil & Filter, Replace
           L Motor Vehicle, Inspection
           L Tire & Wheel Assembly Balance
           L Tire & Wheel Assembly Rotate & Balance
           L Transmission Oil Cooler Line, Flush
           L Vehicle Multi-Point, Inspection
           L Vehicle, Road Test
           L Wheel Lug Stud, Replace
           L Wheel, Replace
           L Passkey Module
           L 2007-10 Cobalt & G5
           L 2007-10 Cobalt & G5
           L 2005-10 Cobalt
           L 2005-10 Cobalt
           L Cobalt & G5
      L Steering & Suspension
           L Component Replacement
           L Description
           L Operation
           L Relearn
           L Ball Joint, Replace
           L Coil Spring, Replace
           L Control Arm, Replace
           L Noise, Diagnosis
           L Power Steering System Drain & Refill
           L Power Steering System Leak, Inspection
           L Rack & Pinion Assembly, Replace
           L Shock Absorber, Replace
           L Stabilizer Bar Link Kit R&R
           L Stabilizer Bar, Replace
           L Stabilizer Bushing R&R
           L Steering Gear, Replace
           L Steering Knuckle, Replace
           L Strut Assembly, Replace
           L Suspension Control Arm Bushings R&R
           L Suspension Strut Mount Assembly R&R
           L Suspension System, Inspection
           L Tie Rod, Replace
           L Vibration, Diagnosis
           L Wheel Bearing, Replace
           L Wheel Hub & Bearing, Replace
           L Wheel Hub R&R
           L Wheel R&R
      L Technical Service Bulletins
           L Component Replacement
           L Description
           L Diagnosis & Testing
           L Relearn Procedures
           L Wiring Diagrams
      L Wheel Alignment
           L Camber Adjust
           L Wheel Alignment

Total pages: 669

Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual

Chevrolet Cobalt Service Manual

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