Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Radiator Fan Shroud R&R

1. Disconnect the cooling fan electrical connector.
2. Remove the cooling fan wire from the fan shroud, Fig. 1.
3. Raise and support the vehicle.
4. Remove the cooling fan assembly from the radiator by pushing up on the fan shroud to unsnap the retaining features. Position the cooling fan assembly away from the radiator, Fig. 2.
5. Remove the air dam push-in retainers.
6. Remove the right and left engine splash shield to radiator mount push-in retainers, Fig. 3.
7. Remove the lower radiator mount, brackets, bolts, and lower air dam. Support the radiator and condenser, Fig. 4.
8. Tilt the radiator and condenser forward in the vehicle, then remove the cooling fan assembly from the vehicle.
9. Reverse procedure to install. Torque lower radiator mounts, brackets and bolts to 18 ft. lbs.

Fig. 1 Cooling fan wire replacement

Fig. 2 Cooling fan shroud replacement

Fig. 3 Engine splash shield replacement

Fig. 4 Lower radiator mount bracket and lower air dam replacement

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