Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual: In Brief

Vehicle Symbols
The vehicle has components and labels that use symbols instead of text. Symbols are shown along with the text describing the operation or information relating to a specific component, control, mess ...

Instrument Panel
A. Outlet Adjustment. B. Turn Signal/Multifunction Lever. C. Cruise Control (If Equipped). Driver Information Center (DIC). D. Instrument Panel Cluster. E. Audio Steering Wheel Controls (If Eq ...

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Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual.  Fog Lamps
For vehicles with fog lamps, the button is located on the instrument panel, to the left of the steering wheel. The ignition must be on to use the fog lamps. : Press to turn the fog lamps on off. An indicator light on the button comes on when the fog lamps are on. The parking lamps automatical ...

Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual

Chevrolet Cobalt Service Manual

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