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The windshield wiper lever is located on the right side of

The windshield wiper lever is located on the right side of the steering column.

: Turn this band for: Turns the wipers off.

intermittent or speed sensitive: Turn this band for
intermittent or speed sensitive operation. As vehicle speed increases or decreases, the wiper interval also increases or decreases.

the band up for more: Delays wiping cycle. Turn
the band up for more
frequent wipes.

: Fast wipes.: Slow wipes.

: Use for a single wiping: Fast wipes.

cycle.: Use for a single wiping

Windshield Washer: Press the button at the end of the lever until the washers begin.

See Windshield Wipers and Windshield Washer.

Climate Controls

The vehicle's heating, cooling, and ventilation can be controlled with this system.

Vehicles with Air Conditioning shown, without Air
Vehicles with Air Conditioning shown, without Air Conditioning similar

A. Air Delivery Mode
B. Fan Control
C. Temperature Control
D. Air Conditioning
E. Rear Window Defogger
F. Recirculation

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