Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual: Power Windows

Leaving children in a vehicle with the keys is dangerous for many reasons, children or others could be badly injured or even killed. They could operate the power windows or other controls or even make the vehicle move. The windows will function and they could be seriously injured or killed if caught in the path of a closing window.

Do not leave keys in a vehicle with children.

When there are children in the rear seat use the window lockout button to prevent unintentional operation of the windows.

If your vehicle has power windows, the switches on the driver's door armrest control each of the

Sedan Shown, Coupe
Sedan Shown, Coupe

If your vehicle has power windows, the switches on the driver's door armrest control each of the

In addition, each passenger's door has a window switch that controls that door's window. Press the front of the switch to open the window. Pull the front of the switch up to close it.

Express-Down Window

The driver's window switch has an express-down feature which allows the window to be lowered fully without continuously pressing the switch. This switch is labeled AUTO. Press the front of the switch to the first position, and the driver's window will open a small amount. Press the switch down fully and release.

The window goes all the way down.

To stop the window while it is lowering, pull the front of the switch up.

Window Lockout (Sedan)

driver's window controls (Window Lockout): The
driver's window controls also include a lockout switch. Press the right side of the switch to prevent the rear passengers from using their window switches. The driver can still control all the windows with the lockout on. Press the switch to the left to return to normal window operation. A red bar on the right side of the switch indicates that the lockout feature is off.

    Manual Windows
    If your vehicle has manual windows, use the window crank to open and close each window. ...

    Sun Visors
    To block out glare, swing down the visor(s). The visors can also be detached from the center mount and swung to the side to cover the windows. Visor Vanity Mirror Your vehicle may have a driver's ...

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