Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual: Remote Vehicle Start

Your vehicle may have a remote start feature.

This feature allows you to start the engine from outside the vehicle. It may also start the vehicle's heating or air conditioning systems. When you start your vehicle using the remote start feature, the climate control system will come on and adjust the interior to the temperature settings that you left it set to when you turned the vehicle off.

Laws in some communities may restrict the use of remote starters. For example, some laws may require a person using remote start to have the vehicle in view when doing so. Check local regulations for any requirements on remote starting of vehicles.

Do not use the remote start feature if your vehicle is low on fuel. Your vehicle may run out of fuel.

The remote start feature provides two separate starts per ignition cycle, each with 10 minutes of engine running time.

After your vehicle's engine has been started two times using the remote vehicle start button, the vehicle's ignition switch must be turned to ON/RUN and then back to LOCK/OFF using the key before the remote start procedure can be used again. See Ignition Positions for information regarding the ignition positions on your vehicle.

If your vehicle has the remote start feature, the RKE transmitter functions will have an increased range of operation. However, the range may be less while the vehicle is running.

There are other conditions which can affect the performance of the transmitter, see Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System for additional information.

will be on the RKE (Remote Start): This button
will be on the RKE
transmitter if you have remote start.

To start the vehicle using the remote start feature, do the following:
1. Aim the transmitter at the vehicle.

2. Press and release immediately press and , then
immediately press and
hold signal lamps flash. until the vehicle's turn
signal lamps flash.

When the vehicle starts, the parking lamps will turn on and remain on while the engine is running.

The vehicle's doors will be locked.

3. If it is the first remote start since the vehicle has been driven, repeat these steps, while the engine is running, to extend the time by 10 minutes for the engine to continue to run.

After entering the vehicle after a remote start, insert and turn the key to ON/RUN to drive the vehicle.

The engine will shut off automatically after 10 minutes, unless a time extension has been done or the vehicle's key is inserted into the ignition switch and turned to ON/RUN.

To manually shut off a remote start, do any of the following. The parking lamps will turn off to indicate the engine is off.

- Aim the RKE transmitter at the vehicle and press and release the remote start button.

- Turn on the hazard warning flashers.

- Turn the ignition switch to ON/RUN and then LOCK/OFF.

Your vehicle's engine can be started two times, per ignition cycle, using the transmitter's remote start feature.

If the remote start procedure is used again before the first 10 minute time frame has ended, the first 10 minutes will immediately expire and the second 10 minute time frame will start.

The remote vehicle start feature will not operate if any of the follow occur:
- The remote start system is disabled through the DIC.

- The vehicle's key is in the ignition.

- The vehicle's hood is open.

- The hazard warning flashers are on.

- The check engine light is on. See Malfunction Indicator Lamp.

- The engine coolant temperature is too high.

- The oil pressure is low.

- Two remote vehicle starts have already been provided for that ignition cycle.

Vehicles that have the remote vehicle start feature are shipped from the factory with the remote start system enabled. The system may be enabled or disabled through the DIC. See “REMOTE START” under DIC Vehicle Personalization for additional information.

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