Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Fuel Pump, Replace


1. Relieve fuel system pressure as outlined under "Precautions."
2. Drain fuel tank.
3. Raise and support vehicle.
4. Disconnect connector and remove fuel pump module electrical harness.
5. Disconnect EVAP vent valve solenoid harness electrical connector from underbody wiring harness.
6. Remove ABS wiring harness from retainer on EVAP canister.
7. Disconnect fuel feed and purge lines from fuel and brake line bundle on righthand side of vehicle.
8. Cap or plug fuel tank feed and vapor lines to prevent fuel loss or contamination.
9. Disconnect fuel filler pipe jumper hose from fuel tank.
10. Disconnect vapor recirculation line runs parallel to fuel filler pipe jumper hose.
11. Remove exhaust pipe and muffler insulators from underbody hangers, then support exhaust system with suitable jackstand.
12. Support fuel tank using suitable jackstand.
13. Remove lefthand and righthand fuel tank strap bolts.
14. Lower righthand side of tank until it is clear of frame rail and remove tank toward righthand side of vehicle.
15. Remove fuel pump module assembly from fuel tank using fuel sender lock ring wrench tool No. J 45722, or equivalent.
16. Reverse procedure to install.
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