Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Engine Mount Bracket R&R

Refer to Fig. 1 when performing the following procedure.
1. Remove the air cleaner assembly.
2. Support the engine with a hydraulic floor jack. Use a piece of wood between the jack and the oil pan.
3. Remove the engine mount to intermediate bracket bolts, Fig. 2.
4. Remove the engine mount to mid-rail nuts (4), Fig. 2.
5. Remove the engine mount from the engine compartment.
6. Remove the intermediate bracket to engine bolts.
7. Remove the intermediate bracket from the engine.
8. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
  a. Torque engine mount to mid-rail nuts to 74 ft. lbs.
  b. Torque engine mount to intermediate bracket bolts to 48 ft. lbs.

Fig. 1 Engine mount bracket replacement

Fig. 2 Engine mount replacement

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