Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Engine Leak Inspection

A visual inspection must always be performed to confirm the presence of aftermarket components, potential collision damage, or areas of concern.
Before moving the vehicle inspect underneath for signs of oil on the ground to aid in identifying the leaks location.
Always clean engine and surrounding area before starting the inspection. The origination of the leak can be narrowed down considerably during cleaning.
1. Visually inspect engine compartment and top of engine for signs of leakage.
2. Inspect engine oil, if "milky" in color and consistency, oil has been contaminated by coolant and cooling system should be pressure tested as outlined in "Cooling System Leak, Inspection."
3. Inspect valve cover and intake manifold gasket/seals for leakage.
4. Inspect head gasket area for leakage.
5. Inspect front cover gasket area for leakage.
6. Raise and support vehicle using a suitable lift.
7. Inspect oil pressure/level sensors for leakage.
8. Inspect oil dipstick tube base for leakage.
9. If equipped, inspect oil cooler/lines for leakage.
10. If equipped, inspect turbocharger oil lines for leakage.
11. Inspect oil filter/housing for leakage.
12. Inspect oil pan gasket/seal area for leakage.
13. Inspect front pulley/dampener area for front main seal leakage.
14. Inspect transmission/transaxle to engine area for rear main seal or oil passage plug leakage.
15. If no external leaks are present, engine valve guides may be worn and leaking.
16. Once leak has been detected repair system as required.
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