Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Engine, Replace


1. Open and support hood. Install suitable protective covering over fenders. Mark upper hood hinge location to hood with suitable grease pencil. Remove hood with assistance.
2. Remove air cleaner resonator to accelerator bracket bolt.
3. Remove throttle body resonator, air cleaner intake duct and vent hose.
4. Remove accelerator cable and cruise control cable.
5. Disconnect brake booster hose.
6. Remove power steering pump.
7. Disconnect fuel lines.
8. Drain coolant into suitable container.
9. Remove radiator inlet hose.
10. Remove surge tank to cylinder head hose.
11. Disconnect surge tank to radiator outlet hose.
12. Remove radiator outlet hose.
13. Remove inlet and outlet heater hoses.
14. Remove surge tank outlet hose mounting bolt to intake manifold.
15. Disconnect electrical connectors to engine components.
16. Remove engine electrical harness.
17. Remove upper transmission bellhousing mounting bolts.
18. Raise and support vehicle.
19. Remove front fender liner.
20. Turn drive belt tensioner clockwise.
21. Remove serpentine drive belt.
22. Remove air conditioning compressor.
23. Remove crankshaft balancer bolt using harmonic balancer holder tool No. J38122-A, or equivalent, to ensure crankshaft does not turn while loosening mounting bolt.
24. Remove crankshaft balancer.
25. Disconnect alternator electrical connectors.
26. Disconnect starter motor electrical connectors.
27. Drain engine oil into suitable container.
28. Disconnect front exhaust pipe from manifold.
29. Raise and support vehicle.
30. Remove mounting bolts and lower starter.
31. Disconnect starter electrical connectors and remove starter.
32. Remove flywheel to torque converter bolts.
33. Remove lower transmission bellhousing bolts.
34. Remove transmission to engine brace.
35. Lower vehicle.
36. Install engine bracket tool No. J42451, or equivalent, to righthand rear side of cylinder head.
37. Install suitable engine hoist to engine.
38. Remove cruise control module.
39. Support engine with suitable wooden block and suitable floor jack positioned below oil pan.
40. Remove engine mount mounting nuts.
41. Remove engine mount to bracket bolts.
42. Remove engine mount.
43. Remove upper transmission bellhousing bolts.
44. Separate engine from transmission.
45. Remove engine.
46. Reverse procedure to install.
    Engine Valves R&R
    Valve stem oil seal alignment and position is critical. An improperly installed valve stem oil seal may lead to excessive oil consumption, and increased vehicle emissions. ...

    Exhaust Manifold Gasket R&R
    1. Remove the secondary air injection bolts (2) and nuts (1), Fig. 1. 2. Remove the secondary air injection studs (3 and 4), Fig. 2 ...

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