Chevrolet Cobalt Owners Manual: Manual Seats

You can lose control of the vehicle if you try to adjust a manual driver's seat while the vehicle is moving. The sudden movement could startle and confuse you, or make you push a pedal when you do not want to. Adjust the driver's seat only when the vehicle is not moving.

If the vehicle has a manual seat, it can be moved

If the vehicle has a manual seat, it can be moved forward or rearward.

1. Lift the bar to unlock the seat.

2. Slide the seat to the desired position and
release the bar.

Try to move the seat with your body to be sure the seat is locked in place.

    Seats and Restraint System

    Seat Height Adjuster
    The driver's seat height adjuster is located on the outboard side of the seat. To raise the seat, move the lever upward repeatedly until the seat is at the desired height. To lower the seat, mov ...

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