Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Connecting Rod R&R

1. Rotate the crankshaft to a position where the connecting rod bolts are the most accessible, Fig. 1.
2. Mark the connecting rod and cap with the cylinder position. Also mark their orientation. This will ensure the caps and connecting rods are re-assembled properly.
3. Remove any ridge at the top of the cylinder bore to avoid damage to the piston ring lands.
4. Remove the connecting rod bolts.
5. Remove the connecting rod cap.
6. Install tool No. J-43966-1 on the connecting rod bolts before removing the piston and connecting rod assembly, Fig. 2.
7. Remove the piston and connecting rod assembly.
8. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
  a. Assemble the connecting rod and the piston, Fig. 3.
  b. Coat the piston pin with oil.
  c. Using tool No. EN-46745 remover/installer and tool No. EN-46745-4 adapter, then install one side of one piston pin retainer into the retaining groove. Rotate the retainer until it is fully seated in the groove.
  d. Install the connecting rod and the piston pin. Push the piston pin until it bottoms in the previously installed retainer.
  e. Using tool No. EN-46745 remover/installer and tool No. EN-46745-4 adapter, then install the second piston pin retainer.
  f. Ensure that the piston moves freely.
  g. Install the following components of the oil control ring assembly: Bottom ring, the expander, the lower oil control ring and the upper control ring, Fig. 4.
  h. Install the lower compression ring-second ring. Place the manufacturer's mark facing up.
  i. Install the upper compression ring-top ring.
  j. Torque connecting rod bolts to 18 ft. lbs. Plus 100 degrees using tool No. J-45059.

Fig. 1 Connecting rod access

Fig. 2 Connecting rod replacement

Fig. 3 Connecting rod and piston assembly

Fig. 4 Piston assembly components

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