Chevrolet Cobalt Service & Repair Manual: Engine Oil Pan Gasket R&R

1. Install the engine support fixture.
2. Remove the engine mount.
3. Raise the engine enough to allow clearance for the oil pan removal.
4. Raise and support the vehicle.
5. Place a drain pan under the oil pan drain plug.
6. Remove the oil pan drain plug.
7. Drain the engine oil.
8. Remove the engine drive belt.
9. Remove the lower AC compressor bolt and loosen the upper bolts.
10. Remove the four oil pan to transaxle bolts (1), Fig. 1.
11. Remove the oil pan bolts.
12. Remove the oil pan, Fig. 1.
13. Remove any old oil pan sealant (1), Fig. 1.
14. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
  a. Ensure that the oil pan and the sealing surface (1) on the lower crankcase are free of all oil and debris, Fig. 1.
  b. Apply a 3.5 mm bead of sealant around the perimeter of the oil pan and the oil suction port opening. DO NOT over apply the sealant.
  c. Install the oil pan bolts and oil pan in sequence shown, Fig. 2.
  d. Torque transaxle bolts to 55 ft. lbs.
  e. Torque oil pan bolts to 18 ft. lbs.

Fig. 1 Oil pan replacement

Fig. 2 Oil pan bolt sequence

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